This report provides a general overview of some aspects of your personal financial situation. It is intended to review your current situation and suggest potential planning ideas and concepts that may improve your current overall situation through the use of various financial and estate planning principles. All assumptions are based on information that you have provided. You are solely responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information you have provided. The accuracy and completeness may affect the results and any recommendations contained in the report.

This report does not attempt to address all financial issues that may impact you, but is limited to the area included in the specific financial strategy module prepared for you. Assumed rates of return, rate of inflation and other variables used are hypothetical and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future returns or results.

Certain individual asset classes used in your model portfolio, such as Large Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, Oil & Gas, are listed for informational purposes only. This information is not reflective of the NYLIFE Securities risk classification of underlying investments, which may involve a greater degree of risk than generally associated with a particular asset category. (NYLIFE Securities is the registered broker-dealer affiliate of Eagle Strategies LLC.)

The product analysis uses asset classes not investment products therefore no bias exist that would favor one investment product over another. Certain types of investments and/or financial products which may be referenced in this report are intended to provide a general overview and do not constitute a specific recommendation of that type of investment or financial product. All investments involve some degree of risk, including loss of principal. There can be no assurances that any investment strategy will be successful or that individual goals will be achieved. Your actual results will vary based upon your individual situation. Past performance of a particular investment is not a guarantee of its future return. Any tax aspects presented are for estimated and illustrative purposes only and are based on current law, assumed average tax rates and may include estimated state and local taxes based on the state of residence that you have indicated. You may owe tax in other jurisdictions, depending on your individual circumstances. Any income tax estimates are made for the current year only and do not consider the possibility of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Results depicting the disposition of property at death and proposed alternatives are general in nature and do not attempt to examine all potential estate planning techniques.

This report provides broad and general guidelines on the advantages of financial planning concepts, and does not constitute a recommendation of any particular technique. We recommend that you review your specific plan annually, unless changes in your personal or financial circumstances require more frequent review.

Some charts used to illustrate certain estate planning strategies may not take into consideration growth of your estate and changing state tax rates.

This report is not an official account statement. It may not reflect all holdings or transactions, their costs, or proceeds received by you. Prices that may be indicated in this report are obtained from sources we consider reliable, but are not guaranteed. Return assumptions do not reflect the deduction of any commissions, or fees, or product charges that may apply to any particular investment. Deduction of such charges would result in a lower rate of return. The impact of various factors over a long period of time, including changes in tax law and tax rates or brackets, rates of inflation, rates of return, and the objectives of future generations, cannot be calculated and may have a significant bearing upon the alternatives. If you seek a precise determination of your tax liability that takes account of all your particular circumstances, you should discuss this with your tax advisor.

Indices used in the report are related to the asset classes in your model portfolio. Indices rate of returns are historical and assumed to be representative of the returns that could be expected for assets in the same class. An index is unmanaged and an investor cannot invest directly in an index. The term "plan" or "planning", when used within this report does not imply that a recommendation has been made to implement a financial planning concept. Nor is it intended to be specific legal, accounting, or tax advice. It rather represents a summary of potential considered strategies. Consult your tax and/or legal adviser before implementing any tax or legal strategies.

This Wealth Management Solution report may provide an analysis using Monte Carlo simulation, to fully understand you are reminded to go to the Monte Carlo Assumptions page(s). Reviewing the Assumptions section initially, will enhance the clarity of the results reported in the Monte Carlo Simulation and give you a more comprehensive understanding of the content. The projections or other information generated by the Monte Carlo simulation regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time. Calculations are based upon market index and growth rate assumptions in your financial plan. Other investments not considered might have characteristics similar or superior to those analyzed. The accuracy of any calculated estimate generated in a Monte Carlo analysis is severely limited by the accuracy of the underlying capital market assumptions, however, the analysis is valuable in providing you as the client with the information to determine how best to invest in the future to increase your likelihood of meeting financial goals. Each client’s results depend upon individual factors which a simulation does not account for, such as how investment decisions are implemented in reality and the costs of investing. A simulation may not capture how asset classes fall in and out of favor over time. These factors can influence a client’s results materially.

This material is a summary of your existing holdings provided for informational purposes only. The material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or other financial instrument or strategy described herein. Securities, financial instruments or strategies mentioned herein may not be suitable for all investors.