Security Information

Last Revised 4/27/2021

Your data is secured through a combination of technology, system design and architecture and strict policies and procedures implemented and administered by eMoney Advisor, LLC. The below material explains some of the measures eMoney Advisor uses to protect your data.

Firewalls – All eMoney Advisor equipment and applications are secured behind firewalls. Firewalls are security devices that create a barrier between the wide-open Internet and the equipment and applications used by eMoney Advisor. Firewalls limit ways that can inflict harm on data, equipment or applications. All traffic detected to and from eMoney’s system must pass through these firewalls, including access from the eMoney Advisor intranet. The firewalls are also used to separate databases containing your data from eMoney's web and application servers.

Intrusion Detection - The entire production network is monitored and policed for intrusion attempts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any detected intrusion attempts are analyzed to determine the identity of the intruders and the extent of the intrusion.

Password Protection and Data Security - Every user's password and account data are stored and transmitted in an encrypted format at all times across multiple, distributed database systems, all securely housed at a state of the art third party hosting service that provides enhanced physical security, fire protection and electronic shielding. No one but the user has access to such user’s password.

Audits and Inspections - The eMoney Advisor security infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected to ensure the security tools utilized are up to date.

SSL - All information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted connection between a user's browser and the eMoney Advisor web servers. This prevents information from being stolen while it is being transmitted over the Internet.

The security measures described above are administered by eMoney Advisor, LLC. Securian Financial Services, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, is not responsible for their administration.For additional information concerning eMoney Advisor and Client Security, click here.