This financial planning analysis ("Analysis") contained herein is hypothetical in nature and provided for informational purposes to illustrate certain financial and estate planning ideas and concepts based on information provided and reviewed by you.

Data and Assumptions
This Analysis is based upon holdings, transactions, prices, performance, and/or assumptions ("Data") provided by LPL Financial LLC ("LPL"), third parties, and/or you. Data shown in this Analysis is obtained from sources that LPL considers reliable but LPL cannot guarantee that such data reflects all of your holdings or transactions, or details about their costs or returns. In addition, there may be variations in the Data because Data providers may implement different calculation methodologies. To the extent that this Analysis includes personal assets that the firm does not hold on your behalf (e.g., collectibles, real estate, intangible assets/intellectual property, checking and savings accounts, business ownership interests, insurance, personal property, etc.), the value of such assets has not been verified by LPL and is included for informational purposes only. You should review and confirm the completeness and accuracy of all values before relying on this Analysis. Furthermore, you should review and confirm the completeness and accuracy of all Data on a frequent basis to ensure the results provided herein remain accurate given any changes that may occur in your financial and personal situation. Small changes in assumptions can have significant impacts on the outcome of this Analysis, and inaccurate representations by you of any Data may invalidate results provided in this Analysis.

Assets listed on this Analysis may not be covered by FDIC or SIPC. Questions about coverage that may apply should be directed to the asset provider or sponsor.

Performance results presented in this Analysis are based on assumptions and may not reflect actual results due to factors beyond the scope of this Analysis. Investment returns set forth in this Analysis are based on asset class rather than individual performance of a particular investment. Projected valuations and/or rates of return may not take into account surrender charges on products you might own, deduction of commissions, fees, and other charges, which can result in a lower rate of return. Additionally, proposed asset allocation, performance results, and assumptions presented in this Analysis may be based on your answers to questions designed to determine your individual risk tolerance. You are responsible for confirming the answers you provided accurately represent your risk tolerance.

Depending on your answers, performance results in this Analysis may be more aggressive than your current allocation mix and return rates may be overstated. Your assets may lose value including a portion or all of your initial investment. Data used to provide performance projections is historical, and past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Service Provider
This Analysis may be provided as part of a financial plan being offered through LPL or a third-party registered investment adviser ("Service Provider"). However, the term "plan" or "planning," when used within this Analysis does not imply that a recommendation has been made to implement one or more financial plans or make a particular investment. Please refer to the financial planning agreement you signed for further information about the parties providing services.

This Analysis does not constitute a recommendation of any particular technique or investment, and may not contain general or specific recommendations for implementation. The results contained herein do not constitute an actual offer to buy, sell or recommend a particular investment or product. All investments are inherently risky. You are under no obligation to implement any recommendations that may be included within this Analysis. If you choose, you may implement this Analysis through a financial adviser, including one associated with LPL. By doing so, Service Provider may make a variety of products and services available. This may result in the payment of normal and customary commissions, advisory fees or other types of compensation to Service Provider. This compensation may be more or less depending on the product or service that representative recommends. To the extent that Service Provider recommends that you invest in products and services that will result in compensation being paid to Service Provider and its representatives, this presents a conflict of interest. For more information about conflicts of interest, please see LPL’s Form ADV at www.lpl.com or Service Provider’s Form ADV, as applicable.

The information contained in this Analysis is not written or intended as financial, tax or legal advice. The information provided herein may not be relied on for purposes of avoiding any federal tax penalties. You should consult your tax and/or legal advisors before implementing any transactions and/or strategies concerning your finances.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Analysis is a complex statistical method that charts the probability of certain financial outcomes at certain times in the future by generating many possible economic scenarios that could affect the performance of your investments. The Monte Carlo simulation uses at most 1000 scenarios to determine the probability of outcomes resulting from the asset allocation choices and underlying assumptions regarding rates of return and volatility of certain asset classes. Some scenarios assume favorable financial market returns, consistent with some of the best periods in investing history. Some scenarios assume unfavorable financial market returns, consistent with some of the worst periods in investing history. Most scenarios will fall somewhere in between. The outcomes presented using the Monte Carlo simulation represent only a few of the many possible outcomes. Since past performance and market conditions may not be repeated in the future, your investment goals may not be fulfilled by following advice that is based on the projections.

Tools such as the Monte Carlo simulation will yield different results with each use and over time depending on the variables inputted and the assumptions underlying the calculation. If this Analysis makes use of a Monte Carlo simulation, the term "Monte Carlo" will be included in the title. Simulation assumptions include the assumed rates of return and standard deviations of the portfolio model associated with each asset. The assumed rates of return are based on the historical rates of returns and standard deviations, for certain periods of time, for the benchmark indexes comprising the asset classes in the model portfolio. Since the market data used to generate these rates of return change over time your results will vary with each use over time.

IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by a Monte Carlo simulation regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results.

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

This analysis must be reviewed in conjunction with the limitations and conditions disclosed in the Disclaimer page. Projections are based on assumptions provided by the advisor/representative, and are not guaranteed. Actual results will vary, perhaps to a significant degree. The projected reports are hypothetical in nature and for illustrative purposes only. Return assumptions do not reflect the deduction of any commissions, or fees or product charges that may apply to any particular investment. Deduction of such charges would result in a lower rate of return. Consult your tax and/or legal advisor before implementing any tax or legal strategies. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The market for all securities is subject to fluctuation such that upon sale an investor may lose principal.

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